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Kos is the island that gave the world Hippocrates, the father of medicine. The third largest of the Dodecanese, it is long and narrow in shape, mostly flat with two low mountains, Dikaio (875 m.) and Simpatro, that run along its southern coast. It is well watered, thus very fertile, and its also very touristically developed.

The capital and main port, Kos, is situated in a verdant district on the north-east of the island, at the back of an open bay. Around the port you can still see the ruins of the ancient city and the castle, built between 1450 and 1478, after the Knights of St. John took over the island. Excavations in the ancient city brought to light building foundations of the Classical era (e.g. the Agora) and of Hellenistic and Roman times (the Gymnasium, Odeon, Roman baths, a Roman mansion with beautiful mosaics), sections of wall from the Classical period, the foundations of a temple of Aphrodite and another temple, probably dedicated to Heracles. Many of the statues that were found are in the Archaeological Museum of the town.

The most important structure is the temple of Asklepios, a Doric peripteral temple erected in the 2nd century B.C. Other buildings include the Stoa (Colonnade), which housed Hippocrates medical school and the Great Altar (3rd century B.C.), which was decorated with sculptures attributed to the son of Praxiteles.

Apart from the historical interest, Kos has many beautiful beaches: Lambi (the nearest one to town), the sandy beach of Tigaki, Marmari, Psalidi, Mastihari, Agios Fokas, and the very crowded Kardamena. You will spot many less crowded beaches near Kefalos bay.


Туристы приезжают сюда полюбоваться древними памятниками, византийскими и венецианскими крепостями. Однако главное достоинство острова – золотые песчаные пляжи. Пляжи юго-западного побережья – лучшие в архипелаге, а заливы северо-запада прекрасно подходят для водного спорта. Кос, второй по величине додеканезский остров, был заселен около 3000 г. до н.э. Славу острову принесла школа врачей Гиппократа. Остров Кос в основном занимают плодородные равнины, его иногда называют “плавучим садом”.
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